We were able to distribute most of our grade 9 student Chromebooks today for those students who were in attendance. Some students did not have a completed 1:1 Chromebook Agreement form though. We told each student who needs the form do to ask their parents about it tonight.

We asked students to work with their parents tonight to complete  the following form as we gave out chromebooks to all those in attendance anyway but we need this form completed now.

1:1 Chromebook Agreement Form

There will be a digital copy of the form sent back  to each respondent’s email to verify that it was received. If you think you have already completed it you should have a response form. Please redo the form esnuring you click “submit form” if you did not get a response email.

For all other chromebook inquires including new students and broken or lost devices please see this previous post sent out last week. 



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