Welcome Highlanders to the Language Page!

The mission of the Languages Department is to provide every student at SJAM with a diverse learning experience in another language. Courses are offered in French from grade 9 to grade 12 and also in Spanish at the beginner, intermediate and advanced levels. Our students have opportunities for advanced study and cultural immersion abroad through different exchange programs. Language Department teachers work to prepare students for University level studies through traditional text-based learning and innovative materials and techniques. Supplementary tools such as audio-visuals, software and Internet sources spark student interest and augment classroom instruction. Teachers tailor lesson plans to meet students’ individual needs and maximize their involvement. As a result, students gain an understanding of another language and an appreciation of its culture.

 So why should you study another language?

  •  To learn how to communicate better with others
  • To gain perspective on yourself and on your own culture
  • To gain an appreciation and understanding of other cultures, traditions and languages
  • To gain a deeper understanding of the nature of language itself
  • And most of all: To gain skills that will be useful in whatever future career you may choose.

 Teachers in the Languages Department:

  • Madame C. Dover
  • Madame A.-V. Maus (Department Head)
  • Madame J. Scullion