Welcome to the SJAM Business Page, Highlanders!

Welcome to SJAM’s dynamic business department where future leaders in business and the community are developed. Our courses give today’s students the skills they need to compete in an ever-changing world.  We are “taking care of business”.

DECA DECA DECA(Twitter) -This business club for all students offers competitions at the regional, provincial and international levels where students enhance their presentation skills in front of judges from all walks of business.

Business Courses offered at SJAM:

  • BBI1OI – Introduction to Business, Open
  • BTT1OI – Information and Communication Technology in Business, Open
  • BBI1OB – Introduction to Business, Fast Forward
  • BBI2OI – Introduction to Business, Open
  • BTT20B – Information and Communication Technology in Business, Fast Forward
  • BTT20I – Information and Communication Technology in Business, Open
  • BAF3MI – Financial Accounting Fundamentals, University/College
  • BDI3CI – Entrepreneurship: The Venture, College
  • BMI3CI – Marketing: Goods, Services, Events, College
  • BAT4MI – Financial Accounting Principles, University/College
  • BBB4MI – International Business, University/College
  • BOH4MI – Business Leadership: Management Fundamentals, University/College
  • CIA4UI – Analyzing Current Economic Issues, University (counts as group 1 credit)

Business Teachers at SJAM:

  • Mr. J. Alexander
  • Mrs. J. Campbell (department head)
  • Ms. A. Kucharczyk
  • Mrs. M. Pegg
  • Mr. D. Pletsch
  • Ms. V. Truemner