Welcome back, Cohort B for Period 4 tomorrow:  Thursday, December 3rd.  Cohort A: We will miss you as you continue with Period 4 but from home.

Entry Door Reminder:  First Floor classes enter via Door #1 (by the back portables); Second Floor classes enter via Door #2 (the closest door by Laurelwood Drive) and Third Floor classes enter via Door #3 (entrance by the back parking lots).

Today’s Tips:  Check your classroom number before you head out to school on Thursday morning so you know what door to head towards.  Searching for the info. on your phone with gloves and a mask on rarely goes smoothly.   And:  Though it is colder outside, keep ensuring that you remain 2 meters apart  from others.  You are going so much to keep yourselves and your community safe:  Great job, Highlanders!

Ms. Collis 🙂

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