(updated Mar. 25, 2019)

When researching your post-secondary options,
it’s important to consider HOW you’ll be paying for your education.
Here are some things to help you get started!

  • Scholarships are based on such criteria as: academic achievement, community service, athletic, musical, artistic and other achievements.
  • Awards are based on the criteria stated.
  • Bursaries and Grants are based on financial need and are not paid back.
  • Government Loans (including the “NEW” OSAP) are based on financial need, and need to be paid back after education is completed.  Visit the Ontario Student Assistance Program site HERE.

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Please make sure you are a member of the current Grad Google Classroom as guidance will use this to post updates on scholarships, etc.  This includes links and info about upcoming major scholarships and more.


Each year, SJAM provides a broad range of awards to our graduating students that recognize academics, extra-curricular involvement, school citizenship and more!  Many of these awards have money attached that you could use to help pay for post-secondary.


Deadline to submit commencement award applications is May 1st!


With the support of several organizations, OFSAA is proud to assist hardworking student-athletes finance their post-secondary education through our various scholarship programs.

Our scholarships recognize student-athletes moving on to post-secondary education in Canada, who are successful academically, involved in their school and community,  demonstrate leadership qualities, and have a financial need.

To learn more about scholarships available and/or to apply, CLICK HERE!


  • Check out the following websites for helpful scholarship/bursary research and info.  Some allow you to register for regular scholarship updates, so sign up ASAP:


scholartree.ca (new website resource)

electronic-info (scholarships/finance)


  • Visit the Ontario School Counsellors’ Association (OSCA) website for an extensive list of scholarships and financial assistance opportunities
  • Talk to your counsellor!
  • Community Scholarships (i.e. Portuguese Club, K.W. Minor Sports, etc)
  • Parent’s Employers / Your Employers (i.e. Walmart, TD Canada Trust, Wendy’s, etc)
  • Follow @SJAMHighlanders on Twitter for regular updates on scholarship info


  • It’s never too early to start working on scholarship info!  Get yourself organized and start pulling together important information that can help you build your application!
  • The first application is often the most challenging, so be prepared! It will take time, but the effort can pay off handsomely!
  • Put your “best self” forward when applying.  Make sure your application is as polished as possible (well written, well organized, thorough and complete).
  • Make sure you involve your guidance counsellor and/or teacher(s) in the process as early as possible.  It’s important to seek help when writing essays, determining what to include and where to look for scholarship info.  Don’t wait until the last minute and expect to pull together a strong application.  This includes asking for reference letters, etc.
  • Don’t just focus on “the big ones” – keep in mind the prestigious scholarships have fierce competition from the best and brightest students from across the country.  Many smaller scholarships don’t have as many applicants, giving you a better chance to earn money for post-secondary.
  • Check out the profiles of past winners of the big scholarships (ex. Loran and TD) so you have a better sense of the types of students who have won these coveted awards.  How do you measure up to these top students?
  • Avoid focusing on just the entrance scholarships.  Research what post-secondary institutions can offer for years 2 to 4 and possible graduate studies.