SJAM strives to recognize the achievements of our outstanding students – not only in the classroom, but on clubs, teams and activities!  During your time as a Highlander, you can earn Letters (certificates) for special achievements.  As you collect more letters, you become eligible to earn either a Highlander Silver or Gold plaque, recognizing your contributions to the school.  To help you understand how the system works, please see the information below.

If you have questions about your letters and/or plaques, please visit student activities or speak to Ms. Talbot in the math office.



  • First Letter – 4 semesters on Honour Roll*
  • Second Letter – 6 semesters on Honour Roll*

*For students to achieve Honour Roll standing, they must earn a minimum overall average of 80% each semester (calculated using all courses) and averages are not rounded up.  Students must also be enrolled full time (at least 3 courses) each semester to be considered for the Honour Roll for that specific semester.


  • First Letter – 8 activities (or equivalent to 8 points at SJAM)
  • Second Letter – 12 activities (or equivalent to 12 points at SJAM)


  • First Letter – 6 full-season sports (or equivalent to 6 points at SJAM) OR 4 years in same sport at SJAM
  • Second Letter – 8 full-season sports (or equivalent to 8 points at SJAM) OR 5 years in same sport at SJAM


  • First Letter – 6 groups (or equivalent to 6 points) OR 4 years in same type of group at SJAM
  • Second Letter – 8 groups (or euqivalent to 8 points) OR 5 years in same type of group at SJAM


HIGHLANDER SILVER AWARD – Earned any 4 letter certificates listed above (Academics, Activities, Athletics, Arts) at SJAM

HIGHLANDER GOLD AWARD – Earned a Second Letter in Academics AND 4 additional letter certificates in Activities, Athletics and/or Arts at SJAM