Welcome to the Highlanders Science Page!

We love teaching science because we get to explore the wonders of the natural world with you. Our courses will provide you with the skills and knowledge needed to succeed in this technological age while also encouraging you to question the societal implications of technology. We offer a wide variety of courses including Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Earth and Space Science.

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Science Courses offered at SJAM:

  • SNC1LB – Science, Essential
  • SNC1PI – Science, Applied
  • SNC1DI/1DW – Science, Academic/Pre-AP
  • SNC2PI – Science, Applied
  • SNC2DI/2DW- Science, Academic/Pre-AP
  • SBI3CI – Biology, College
  • SBI3UI/3UW – Biology, University/Pre-AP
  • SCH3UI/3UW – Chemistry, University/Pre-AP
  • SPH3UI/3UW – Physics, University/Pre-AP
  • SVN3MI – Environmental Science, University/College NEW
  • SNC4MI – Science, University/College
  • SBI4UI/4UW – Biology, University/AP
  • SCH4UI/4UW – Chemistry, University/AP
  • SPH4UI/4UW- Physics, University/AP
  • SES4UI – Earth and Space Science, University

To learn more about our science courses, click to view full course descriptions.