Page Updated Jan. 17, 2020

SEMESTER 1 FINAL EXAMS (JAN. 24th to 30th, 2020)
Friday, Jan. 24th – PERIOD A EXAMS
Monday, Jan. 27th – PERIOD B EXAMS
Tuesday, Jan. 28th – PERIOD D EXAMS
Wednesday, Jan. 29th – PERIOD E EXAMS



Please note – room assignments may change prior to exam dates.
Confirm exam locations with your classroom teacher.

SEMESTER 2 FINAL EXAMS (JUNE 17th to 24th, 2020)

Final details/schedules will be released later in the semester.

NOTE – students are expected to write all final exams during the exam schedule and will refrain from travel plans, appointments, etc. that conflict with these dates.


  • Block Exam Schedule: See links above for exam dates/rooms.  All exams are written in the morning (starting at 9:00am).  Please see your teacher for details regarding exam length, location, etc.
  • Absenteeism: Students who miss an exam due to illness must have their parents call to inform the school of the nature of the problem. A DOCTOR’S CERTIFICATE/MEDICAL NOTE will be required.
  • Lates: Students who are late must sign in at the main office and will be taken to the conflict room to write their exam. Students must arrive before the end of the exam to be allowed to write the exam.
  • Inclement Weather/Bus Cancellations:  If any WRDSB buses are cancelled in any geographic area of Waterloo Region, the exam schedule in ALL secondary schools will be postponed to the next day.  If a “snow day” occurs, all exams will be shifted one day (ex. exam scheduled for January 25th would move to January 28th and all other exams would shift back one day).  NOTE – the February Friday PA Day will not be moved if a snow day occurs (has significant impact system wide).  Any snow day cancellations during exams will result in semester 2 starting later (after all exam dates have been completed).
  • Supplies: Student notebooks, coats, etc. should be left in lockers. Only pens, pencils, etc., may be brought to the exam room. Calculators may be used unless specifically disallowed by the teacher setting the exam.
  • Electronic Devices:  Any electronic devices are NOT permitted in the exam room (Chromebooks, cell phones, etc).  Please leave these devices in your locker.
  • Leaving Exam: Students MUST remain in the exam room for the entire exam period. If your examination ends at a time when others are still writing, students are expected to leave the school quietly and directly.  Students are strongly recommended to visit the bathroom prior to the start of any exam (particularly for longer exams).
  • Buses: Morning buses will arrive at the usual time to accommodate examinations written at 9:00 a.m. and will leave at the regular time (not immediately after exams finish). Remember to carry your bus pass with you!
  • Textbook and Library Book Obligations: All textbooks must be returned at the start of each exam.
  • Mark Review: Staff will be available to review course results for every student at the end of exams. Students who are concerned that they may have failed any courses are to contact their Guidance counsellor.
  • Credit Recovery/Credit Rescue: Students in risk of not achieving credits may have the opportunity for credit rescue or recovery during assigned times in the exam period.