English-BannerSir John A. Macdonald’s English Department offers a wide range of courses and co-curricular activities. Students taking the core English courses in grades 9 through 12 will study a wide range of literature, from novels and short stories to Shakespeare and modern drama.

In conjunction with these courses, the English Department takes students on field trips, such as our trip this year to Stratford to see Twelfth Night. In addition to the core English courses, we also offer many elective courses, including grade 11 Media Studies and Speaking Skills, grade 12 Writer’s Craft, Studies in Literature, and Film Studies.

Teachers in the English Department also organize and run extra-curricular activities associated with the study of English, including a Writers’ Club, the school newspaper, and the Waterloo County English Awards.

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English courses offered at SJAM:

  • ADA1OI – Dramatic Arts, Open
  • ADA2OI – Dramatic Arts, Open
  • ADA3MI – Dramatic Arts, University/College
  • ADA4MI – Dramatic Arts, University/College
  • ENG1LB – English, Essential
  • ENG1PI – English, Applied
  • ENG1DI/1DW – English, Academic/Pre-AP
  • ENG2LB – English, Essential
  • ENG2PI – English, Applied
  • ENG2DI/2DW – English, Academic/Pre-AP
  • ENG3EB – English, Workplace
  • ENG3CI – English, College
  • ENG3UI/3UW – English, University/Pre-AP
  • ENG4EB – English, Workplace
  • ENG4CI – English, College
  • ENG4UI/4UW – English, University/Pre-AP
  • EWC4UI – The Writer’s Craft, University
  • OLC4OI – Ontario Literacy Course, Open