Welcome to Highlander Drama & Dance!

SJAM Arts give you five ways to explore and develop your artistic side – Dance, Drama, Instrumental Music, Vocal Music and Visual Art. Develop your skills and have a great time making great art. As Einstein (an avid violin player) said: “Imagination is more important than knowledge”.

Check the Arts Activities calendar for the schedule of the 13 different activities that are currently running. Whether you are a dancer, visual artist, actor, singer or instrumentalist, we have extra-curricular groups for you! Be a part of a group that participates in twice-yearly Arts Showcase evenings, as well as festivals such as the Sears Drama Festival, the Kiwanis Music Festival and MusicFest Canada.

Drama courses offered at SJAM:

  • ADA1OI – Dramatic Arts, Open
  • ADA2OI – Dramatic Arts, Open
  • ADA3MI – Dramatic Arts, University/College
  • ADA4MI – Dramatic Arts, University/College