New Year – New Name!

The time has arrived!  Starting Monday, January 3rd and through to the end of January, submissions will be accepted to rename your school!  Check out this school website and social media accounts for more details and submit your suggestion here:

Your idea for the name, the rationale to support your choice, and how the name honours reconciliation all need to be a part of your submission.  If you have any additional feedback or ideas,  this process allows you the opportunity to share your opinion with the board committee tasked with this responsibility. The committee (under Administrative Procedure 4865) will be looking for your input throughout the process, and this is just the start.   This opportunity to submit names is also open to our entire community and to the public.   Every idea counts and your submission may be the basis of our school’s new identity. In February, look out for information on next steps of the process:  The opportunity for you to have your say on the submisssions! 



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