Please note that, due to safety issues, parents/guardians are to use the lower lot furthest from the school (at the back of the school) or may arrange an alternative location off-property to drop off and pick up students.

Please do not use the upper parking lots for drop-off/pick up.  The volume of cars attempting to use this space this past week  presents a safety issue for those using those lots/pedestrians.

Please do not use the bus circle at the front of the school or the long laneway at the back of the school.  Both areas are bus loading zones and those areas see high volumes of pedestrian traffic.  The use of the bus loading zones in the front and rear of the school for student drop-off is causing safety issues and bus delays.

Thank you for your cooperation. Cars trying to access these zones may be prevented from entering these areas or will be asked to move in order to create space for the buses.  We encourage that students who live within the 3.2 km (maximum) walking range of the school engage in opportunities for healthy, active living whenever and wherever possible.

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