As we head into the last 2 months of the school year and begin work on next year’s timetable and school plans, we’d like to remind ALL students of the importance of checking your specific “CLASS OF” Guidance Google Classroom and/or school email.

We are posting timely, important information regarding summer school, remote learning, scholarship/awards, post-secondary research and more.  These classrooms are also used as a means of communicating significant school-wide announcements to all students.


  • Grade 12 (Class of 2021) – ii6colk
  • Grade 11 (Class of 2022) – uyf5ea2
  • Grade 10 (Class of 2023) – uuxjrxs
  • Grade 9 (Class of 2024) – zj526i2
  • Incoming Grade 9 Students – stay tuned for a new Class of 2025 Classroom (coming soon)

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