With the long weekend, April Break and the end of the Quadmester, there are many change-overs for classes and cohorts (and it is confusing!).

  •  Cohort A, Period 1 attends SJAM on Thursday, April 1st. Cohort B learns from home.
  • Friday, April 2nd and Monday April 5th are holidays:  No school!
  • Tuesday, April 6th and Wednesday, April. 7th: Cohort A, Period 2 attends SJAM. Cohort B learns from home.
  • Thursday, April 8th and Friday, April 9th:  Cohort B, Period 1 attends SJAM.  Cohort A learns from home.
  • Monday, April 12th thru to Friday, April 16th:  April Break (no school!)
  • Monday, April 19 – Wednesday, April 21st are Instructional Support Days.  Detailed schedule to follow next week.  All students learn from home those days for both classes.
  • Thursday, April 22nd:  Quad 4 begins!


Thank you for continuing to do the Daily Self-Screening each morning:

  • Do your daily self screen (Ontario Daily Covid Self-Screen) before coming to school.
    • Note:  The screening questions do change periodically as they are revised/updated by the Ontario government.
  • Complete your verification using  Secondary Student Verification Portal.

Teachers will continue to check that the verification process is complete upon your arrival.

As always, if you or a household member are experiencing symptoms of COVID-19, stay home and follow the return to school process as posted on the WRDSB website at https://www.wrdsb.ca/blog/2021/02/26/student-return-to-school-after-illness-without-a-covid-19-test/

Frequently Asked Questions:

The screening tool said my child should not go to school. What about the other people in my household including siblings?

Everyone in your household must stay at home until the child tests negative, or is cleared by your local public health unit, or is diagnosed with another illness.

I am choosing not to get my child tested for COVID-19. How do they return to school?

Your child must isolate for 10 days. Your child may be able to return to school earlier if ALL of the following apply:

  • a doctor diagnosed the child with another illness
  • they do not have a fever (without using medication)
  • it has been at least 24 hours since your child’s  symptoms started improving
Entry Doors
  • Entry doors open at 8:15 am.   First Floor classes enter via Door #1 (by the back portables); Second Floor classes enter via Door #2 (the closest door by Laurelwood Drive) and Third Floor classes enter via Door #3 (entrance by the back parking lots).


Take care, Highlanders!

Ms. Collis

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