SJAM’s Pre-Advanced Placement/AP program has undergone a significant review during the past year and a number of changes are in place for 2021-2022. As previously announced, Grade 9 Pre-AP options are no longer offered, in part due to the implementation of de-streamed math this coming September. Pre-AP Math will be an option for students starting in Grade 10, while Pre-AP Chemistry and Physics options are available starting in Grade 11.

The process to participate in our pre-AP and Advanced Placement program has also changed significantly, starting with our current course selection cycle. You are no longer required to apply to these courses, but will instead select these options directly in MyWay when choosing your courses. The math and science departments will then review all Pre-AP/AP class lists to establish that prerequisite conditions have been met including: academic history, previous Pre-AP/AP courses, required knowledge and teacher recommendations. Those not meeting the prerequisites will be placed in the appropriate academic or university-level course.

A reminder that Pre-AP/Advanced Placement courses are intended for students who are notably passionate in those particular subject areas and seek further challenges beyond the traditional academic or university-level curriculum. Students considering these courses should demonstrate consistent academic strength in these subject areas, as the pace of these courses and depth of course work is intended to be demanding.

If you wish to enroll in our Pre-AP/Advanced Placement courses, please select from the following course codes (now available in MyWay) – codes end in “W” instead of “I”.

Grade 10:

  • MPM2DW (replaces 2DI) – requires MPM1DI and transition course or MPM1DW

Grade 11:

  • MCR3UW & MHF4UW (2 credit package – students MUST select both) – requires MPM2DI and transition course or MPM2DW
  • SCH3UW (replaces SCH3UI) – requires SNC2DI/W
  • SPH3UW (replaces SPH3UI) – requires SNC2DI/W

Grade 12:

  • MCV4UW (requires completion of MHF4UW)
  • SCH4UW (requires SCH3UI/W) SPH4UW (requires SPH4UI/W)

If you require additional information, please contact your guidance counsellor or speak with your science or math teacher.

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