SJAM is currently experiencing a period of rapid growth, with the coming school welcoming one of the largest groups of grade 9 students ever.  As we head into September, our school student population is creeping ever higher (including close to 450 grade 9s).  With those larger numbers comes a few changes…and a few “growing pains.”  Some things to be aware of as the new school year begins…


To help house all those extra students, SJAM has added 3 brand new portables on the tarmac at the west end of the school. The 3 new classrooms (P1804, P1805 and P1806) are directly behind the older portables and face Abe Erb Public School.  If you see one of these classes listed on your timetable, you’re one of the first SJAM students to get to enjoy these new spaces.


As of startup, ALL grade 9 students will receive their own lockers (assigned in homeroom and located close to your period A class).  Since we now have more students than available lockers, homeroom teachers will ask students in grades 10-12 if they wish to share or not use a locker this year.  As more lockers become available due to sharing or refusals, the main office will be able to assign single lockers to students as they open up – stay tuned for more info!


Due to the significant increase in enrollment, we are managing more full classes than in previous years (particularly in our compulsory areas).  This means students will have VERY limited ability to switch classes after startup.  An updated list of full/closed courses as of opening day is posted outside of guidance and on the SJAM website – see link below.  Students should not request these courses for changes or additions to their timetables.  COMPLETE FULL COURSE LIST HERE (updated Sept. 2nd).

Guidance will be accepting course change request forms until 3pm on Thursday, Sept. 5th (available outside guidance office).  Counsellors will make changes where possible and meet with students as needed throughout the first week.

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